Using Pheromone Sprays To Find Love

loveFrom the time that we are born to the time that we die we are in a constant pursuit of love. The Greeks had multiple different words for love, but in the English language there is only one word for love. Even though there is only one word, we all know that it takes many different forms. One of the loves that is the most confusing and difficult to understand is what Greeks called Eros. It is the romantic type of love between a man and a woman. Many people travel around the world, research, and shed many tears in order to find the love of their life.

One of the biggest frustrations for many people is that they may feel like they are not able to attract the opposite sex, or that they are not able to attract the right people from that the opposite sex. Pheromones are the hormones that both women and men produce that give off a certain attraction from the opposite sex. Many people swear by these different pheromones, and they believe that they are what hold the key to sexual attraction.

There are different types of pheromones, and these will have different effects on the opposite sex. Androstenol is the pheromone which helps people of the opposite sex to better communicate. It makes it so that it is a lot easier to approach somebody and a lot easier to be approached. It makes it so that a person is comfortable with another person of the opposite sex. Androstenone is the hormone that has to do with male aggression. It is a pheromone that is less aggressive and the people who are around that person giving off that sent feel at ease and comfortable. Beta-Androstenol is what is considered to be a secondary pheromone. It gives backup support to the Alpha pheromones and it can help make approaching a person and starting up a conversation be a lot more easy.

Pheromones can be put into colognes or perfumes and before a person is going to be going out to a social situation they can spray these Pheromones on their body and they can greatly enhance their probabilities of meeting that special someone. It is not necessary to put tons of pheromones onto the body to see results. Much research attest to the fact that pheromones really do work. It is important that each and every person that is interested in buying pheromones seeks out the pheromones that are going to be best for them and for their hormone type. Since everyone wants to find love and be in love, pheromones are a great way for a person to be able to try their luck at finding that special someone.